about brecka loves

Who is “Brecka”?

Brecka is the online persona of the blogger, Kasey. She’s a 32 year old bakery owner who’s in love with all things food. She’s a voracious reader, knitter, dog-lover, gamer, and writer.

The name “Brecka” came from a love of the poem of Beowulf, which briefly features a character called Breca – a childhood friend of Beowulf – who challenges him to a swimming match. Breca bests Beowulf, though not easily. When I picked up World of Warcraft many years ago, I chose names from literature for my in-game characters. Breca was my top choice, alas, it was taken. So a slight variation of the name – adding the “k” – created a completely new online identity that has followed me for close to 8 years. Other manifestations include: breckapants, breckers, and simply B. Kasey is just fine, too.


Who are the fellow and the furkid?

The fellow is my dude. We’ve been together for over 8 years. He’s not much for online presence, so he’ll simply just be referred to as “the fellow” when he is brought into conversation.

The furkid on the other hand, well… he has no choice in the matter. He is a shining beacon of adorableness and ridiculousness. I may be a bit biased. His name is Apollo. He is an almost 8 year old corgi golden retriever mix (yep, tiny legs on a golden retriever body) that we rescued from a shelter in Oregon when he was 11 months old. He was abused by his previous owner, and was never properly socialized in those crucial formative weeks of his life, so we have been given a basket case, neurotic, cowering puddle of piddle with fur. He has come leaps and bounds through extensive work, but he’ll never be 100%. And that’s okay. He is still the best little man who waits for us at the door when he hears us come home, who loves all things relating to cheese and squeak toys, and loves loves loves having ladies around the house.


What’s the purpose of this blog?

Awhile back, I used to maintain a food blog that I was pretty proud of. Unfortunately, no one ever read it. So the will and want to push forward with zero audience made me back away slowly and abandon it. Over the years since my last post there, I’ve considered – and been urged by numerous friends – to dust off the ‘ol blog and get back to it, with a promise of increasing readership. But my old blog is part of the “old me”. I’ve changed a lot and wanted something that reflected my current life. Not just a place to store recipes and photos for what we’re eating this week, but somewhere to share my life experiences with fun, friends, the fellow, the furkid, and whatever other alliterative F-word I can fit into a stylized digital journal. Call it a place to vent, to release, to muse about the things I love.


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